From The Pastor’s Desk – Sept. 30, 2012

Dear Beloved Parishioners and Guests,

            We Ukrainian Redemptorists – all 13 of us – are

gathered at St. Mary’s in Yorkton, SK for our Annual Chapter (Sept.24-27).This is proving to be quite a challenge and what a drastic change over the years. I fondly recall the days (years ago!) when 13 of us elected delegates represented 45 CssR’ers. Back

then we had many monasteries across Canada and also the USA.  Sadly, all that is history!

Our Annual Chapter means that we Redemptorists from our centres of Winnipeg, Ituna, Yorkton and Saskatoon gather together to re-evaluate, re-assess

and re-adjust our ministries with our aging and diminishing numbers! This is a

major reality check! How can we do more with less – without burning out? It

also becomes a time to pray for vocations to the priesthood, hoping and praying

that our parishioners would encourage their sons and daughters to consider a

vocation to the religious life and the preaching mission. You know, of course, vocations come from our Ukrainian families, who are generous enough to

encourage their children to consider such a challenge and vocation.

I still catch myself reflecting back to our multifarious celebrations in September. This month was so very unique – with our many historical events,

be it, the Ukrainian Bishops’ Synod, the 100th Anniversary celebration of our Ukrainian Church in Canada, or our 60th Anniversary of  St. Joseph’s and the 10th Anniversary of the Blessed Vasyl Shrine! All were wonderful! And do you know something? All the Bishops and our other special guests were most pleased with

all the new Church Decorations and I had the golden opportunity of boasting

about your support and your generosity in making this all a happy reality!

We are now looking totally into the future – how very much we desire to

have our parish children involved actively in our Catechism program, or our

adult parents and parishioners participating in our ongoing Adult Religious

Renewal program. Please check the bulletin for the times and the dates!

I wish to personally and publicly thank Cynthia who has so capably run

the parish office – when we are here and especially when we are not! Diakyu!

We are back to our ‘regular’ schedule of parish events, be it with the

UCWLC or the Knights of Columbus, the Senior’s Club of St. Joe’s

and even our Parish Choir.  God bless all their endeavours

and God bless us all!                                                                          Fr. Bohdan


PS       It’s a wonderful feeling of being loved and even appreciated on the occasion          of my 71st birthday. Dozens of cards expressing your kind thoughts and warm well-wishes surround me in my office. Yes, I know I must put them away already! I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your greetings, your gifts and especially your prayers!

In return, I love you much and ask God to bless you and yours!

Mnohaya Lita and Diakyu!


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