St. Joseph’s Parish Outreach Mission Statement

“St. Joseph’s Outreach is a voluntary parish organization dedicated to doing God’s will by serving the less fortunate within our parish and community and endeavours to ensure that their physical and spiritual needs are met “As often as you did for one of my least brothers, you did it for me.”

In 1988, Father Larry Kondra presented a Mission which focused on helping the less fortunate. During coffee after the Mission, a few people sat down and discussed their need to do just that. In January, 1989, a small group of parishioners along with the priests, got together to set up a group to help the less fortunate. February 1989, Outreach held its first meeting with 15 people in attendance. Their first step was to help out in the Sisters of Charity soup kitchen. From there, they searched out the needs within our own parish and surrounding community.

  • Outreach holds meetings the first Tuesday of each month, September through to June.
  • We refer to the people we help as “ministries.” Anonymity is very important.
  • Ministries call us when they are running low on food. We can also initiate the call ourselves. It is usually the same time each month. (A few days before their cheque arrives.)
  • Outreach Sunday is held the 2nd Sunday of each month. Envelopes are available in a slot of the last pew for those wishing to donate money. This money is used to supplement the Outreach cupboard with food for hampers and dinners we prepare.
  • Our cupboards are kept filled through the generous donations of dry goods by St. Joseph’s parishioners. There is a food hamper box located at the back of the church.
  • Each year we provide a dinner at Immaculate Conception Drop-In Centre.
  • We feed between 150 – 250 people. It various according to the time of the year.
  • Outreach also prepares Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas hampers.
  • Outreach has taken on the task of organizing a list of people to prepare a supper at The Welcome Home family night on Thursday evenings.
  • Outreach is very fortunate to have volunteers we can call upon to help with the hamper and dinner preparations.

Iris Smellie, Chairperson, Elsie Yarish, Secretary & Dolores Tutkaluk, Treasurer

Contact: St. Joseph’s Parish – (204) 339- 4512

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