From The Pastor’s Desk – Sept. 9, 2012

Dear Beloved Parishioners and Guests,

So many events are happening during the month of September – firstly, the children are all back at school, secondly, it is time to register our children for Catechism, thirdly, all our organizational meetings must be planned and executed, and I’m sure there is a fourth and fifth, etc.

Well, the invasion of all our Ukrainian Bishops has finally taken place. We have the pleasure of welcoming Metropolitan Ihor Wozniak of Lviv, a fellow Redemptorist and a warm friend, who is sharing this week with us here at St. Joe’s and Bishop Michael Wiwchar who is always a familiar confrere.

Quite impressive was the welcoming of our young vibrant 41 year young  Patriarch Sviatoslav at the airport (Tuesday evening). In my humble estimation, there were possibly over 160 sharing in the joy and excitement – proud people in their Ukrainian embroidery, many smiling children, Plast and SUM youngsters in uniform, numerous nuns and most of the Winnipeg clergy. It truly was a heartfelt and gracious welcome and this young leader of our Church was indubitably pleased and gratified!

The week is full and so I am writing this on Wed. pm, of course, at Cynthia’s request not to delay if I want to make the bulletin deadline. Patriarch Sviatoslav has a packed schedule which means many of us must be present and hopefully, enhance the events with our presence. A quick schedule of events: an all clergy meeting on Wednes. morning at BVM parish, Holy Family Home Moleben in the afternoon, our Blessed Vasyl Shrine Thursday afternoon and Welcome Home for Vespers and finally, we Redemptorists will host the Patriarch and a number of Bishops for dinner, and then Friday at Immaculate Heart School and a “young people’s” service at St. Nicholas….

More Bishops arrive on Saturday and then the official commencement of the Synod begins here at St. Joseph’s on Sat. evening where all the Ukrainian Bishops will take an Oath of Office and  pray in our Shrine that God may bless all the discussions, deliberations and decisions. (please pray for Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn who will not be present because of major health issues – he so looked forward to being with us all!)

            And then, importantly– our 60th Anniversary celebration next weekend… Please plan to pray and play with us… on Friday evening and definitely on Saturday evening with, God willing, 10 Redemptorist Bishops from around the world! Our Anniversary Liturgy will take place at 5 pm so that the Bishops may complete the Synod in Portage and join us in prayer and in festivity for an exciting delicious Pig-Roast!

We want all of you there – you are St. Joseph’s Family and

let us verily enjoy God’s blessings and love one another….