From The Pastor’s Desk – Sept. 16, 2012

Dear Beloved Parishioners and Guests,

            The weekend of our 60th anniversary celebrations of

St. Joseph’s has finally arrived. We have happily anticipated commemorating this joyous occasion and expressing our profound heartfelt gratitude for all the wonderful blessings this parish has received since our Fr. Joseph Denischuk CSsR sowed the seeds

of the good harvest we are experiencing.  Thank you, Fr. Joseph!!!

We are pleased that our Redemptorist Bishops from around the world have positively responded to our invitation: “Come, celebrate with us!” – Metropolitan-Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, Bishop Bohdan Dziurakh, Bishop Jaroslav Pryriz, Bishop Stepan Meniokh, (Bishop Michael Koltun, due to illness could not join us) all from Ukraine, Bishop Peter Stasiuk from Australia, Bishop Bryan Bayda and Bishop Michael Wiwchar of Saskatchewan, Bishop John Pazak of Toronto but sadly, Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn of France also took ill & could not be with us).Pray for all of them!

As I compose this on Wed., it looks like the good Lord is promising us extra special warm days (and nights). I pray this will take place as we share our “outdoor festivities and fellowship”. Having a ‘pig roast’ for our celebration is a novel experience and I truly believe this will enhance the fellowship, the joy and the warmth of sharing our 60 year history together.

Be sure to view the multifarious photos reviewing our parish history that are aesthetically mounted throughout the hall. I sincerely thank three special ladies – Andrea Boitson, Nicolette Jaman and Janice Mezibroski who have devoted so many hours of energy and time to professionally prepare this for our enjoyment.

Amidst the joy of our celebrations, we have also sadly expressed our sincere ‘farewell’ to three loyal and dedicated parishioners – +Anne Leniuk, +Jim Zaboroski and +Olga Cherewyk. St. Joseph’s is truly an enriched parish because of the gifts, the faith and the love of these individuals. They have verily earned their rest in the Kingdom of God. I most sincerely also wish to thank all the volunteer ladies and  gentlemen, who under the guidance of Frances Stelman, lovingly prepared all the receptions – the delicious snacks and meals – the fellowship for these and all other parish funerals.

How blessed we are! With all the Bishops praying for us and even our beloved founder – Fr. Joseph Denischuk CSsR – celebrating with us!

May Our Saviour Jesus and His Blessed Mother continue

to deepen our faith and love for God, for our St. Joseph’s family

and for one another. May we all receive the Father’s blessings…

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