St. Joseph’s Parish Perogy Miracle


St. Joseph’s Parish lives the perogy miracle. Once a month a dedicated group of parishioners gather to create delicious perogies that are made to order. Initiated by seniors in the parish it has evolved to include the latest requirements for food handling by the City of Winnipeg.

If you’re wondering if they taste like your Mom’s or Baba’s rest assured that quality control is assured by the many Mom’s and Baba’s that show up faithfully to pinch and roll. Dad’s and Dido’s are the official taste testers as well as do the heavy lifting and cleaning as necessary.IMG_0541

It is not all work as there is an atmosphere of community that realizes the importance of this initiative to provide funds necessary to keep our church open to all. When you come as a new person you quickly realize that the seniors are masters in project management.

The tasks are so numerous that a binder would be overflowing with the knowledge and dedication of the people at St. Joe’s. You never feel that your contribution is trivial, or not appreciated. Smiles and chuckles abound out of memories of their first time at a specific task. You’ll also learn that it is a great time of sharing life’s experiences and challenges made easier with caring and understanding.

The perogIMG_0575y bee is but one of many activities at St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church that lives that mantra of a vibrant parish. Come join us you’ll have a blast. Check out our parish bulletin in print or on line for your next opportunity.

If you’d like to pre-order perogies make sure you check the announcement in the bulletin and place your order so that you are able to enjoy a real Ukrainian tradition.

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