Our Newly Completed Stained Glass!

We have recently completed a complete renovation of the stained glass surrounding our main Church dome.    All of the panels are symbolic in some fashion.  The following is an explanation of the glass work you will see when you “look up”!!

St Philip

The cross symbolizes his martyrdom and the two loaves represent St Philip’s response to Jesus feeding the multitudes.
St. Peter

The symbol of the keys Christ gave to his church and the inverted cross on which St. Peter was crucified.
St. Andrew

A cross in the shape of an “X” represents the crucifixion of St. Andrew.
St. James The Greater

The three scallop shells symbolize the missionary who used a shell to scoop water to drink on his travels.
St. Thomas

The square, spear, and arrows symbolize St. Thomas, the first missionary to India where he built a church with his own hands, thus the carpenter’s square. He was killed by heathens with spears and arrows.
St. James The Lesser

He was thrown from the pinnacle of the Temple; his body was sawn into pieces, thus the symbol of the saw.
St. Matthew

Three money bags symbolize that St. Matthew was a tax collector when called by Jesus.
St. Bartholomew

The flaying knives symbolize his death by being skinned alive.
St. John

The chalice with serpent inside symbolizes the attempt to kill St. John by putting a poisonous snake inside the Communion Cup.
St. Jude

The ship is a sign of missionary voyages of Jesus Christ.
St. Paul

The sword symbolizes St. Paul as a persecutor of Christians. The gospel book is a symbol of his conversion and thus becoming the greatest preacher of the “Good News”.
 St. Simon

He was a fisher of humanity by preaching the Holy Gospel.

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