Message From The Pastor – January 26, 2014

Dear beloved parishioners and guests,
Have you ever seen a dog or cat chase its shadow? They run,
jump and try to catch it, yet never succeed. This looks funny, yet isn’t
this what we sometimes do? We run and chase after something that
has no substance – we chase shadows of worthless treasures… we
chase shadows of shallow pleasures… we chase shadows of empty
promises… We often sacrifice so much time and effort and money
in these pursuits, not realizing they are often empty and meaningless…
There are also shadows that we don’t necessarily chase, but that are a very strong
presence in our lives – the shadows under which we live. How often we, unknowingly,
live in the shadow of other people – that we are trying to be, instead of being ourselves!
God never planned for us to live in anyone’s shadow –He made you to be YOU with your
own personal shadow – you have unique talents, abilities and gifts and you are to live
your own dream! Very often we live so deeply in someone else’s shadow that we do not
realize that God has a specific plan for US and US ALONE! Have the courage to stand
tall and to cast your own special shadow instead of hiding in someone else’s…
Remember that a person’s shadow is the result of their position in relation to light .
Without light, there can be no shadow. If you sit in the shade, your shadow will not be
seen. If you stand in the sunlight at noon, then your shadow is quite pronounced and very
intense. It is our attitude toward the “light” that determines how our shadow is cast. Let
us be very careful how we stand in the light!
In all of this, there is one thing that we all must understand and remember – that
the true LIGHT in our lives is the Light of Christ. If we are true Christians, our mission
is to follow the teachings of Christ and to be a light for other – and this light should be
seen in our deeds and actions – in how we behave, and in “what we say”! It is far easier
to broadcast to the world that we are Christians, but far more difficult to be God’s light
for others. Once we accept God’s light and shine it for others, we will begin to cast
positive shadows for others. So, let us take this spiritual responsibility very seriously, for
it we cast shadows, they must be good shadows – of warmth and compassion!
Sadly, the Yanukoych corrupt government of Ukraine is casting a horrible dark
shadow across the whole land and our people are suffering most greatly. Please continue
to pray & support all the protestors in Kyiv who yearn to have a free democratic country.
As we remotely prepare for our Lenten season, may we strengthen the “light”
that is within us and may it brightly enhance the lives of those around us…
May the good Lord bless you and me and all of us graciously…

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