Message From The Pastor – November 4, 2012

Dear Beloved Parishioners and Guests of St. Joseph’s,
Our 3 days in Yorkton for a Spiritual Renewal Workshop were
a wonderful experience. Some 30 of us, under the excellent guidance
of Anne Walsh, a Newfoundlander, offered challenging “input” and capably monitored our discussions. “Partners in Mission” means gathering active committed lay people in our various parishes to
help us in our CSsR ministry – for this we are most thankful!
This morning Nov. 1st I was most fortunate to participate in a special Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Award ceremony at the Manitoba Legislature. Some 68 Manitobans from all walks of life, from all faiths and all nationalities were honored for their contribution to the betterment of Canada. All the Manitoba MLA’ s
were participants in this commemorative event. Premier Selinger eloquently shared that this medal was to honour various giving people who have generously gone out of their way and forgotten themselves in order to more greatly serve their community wherever they lived and worked.
Among the recipients were artists, teachers, community leaders, volunteer organizers, special olympic athletes from Thompson, Flin Flon, Dauphin, Brandon, Winnipeg, etc – be they Aboriginal, Metis, Philippines, Latin Americans, and yes, even fellow Ukrainians. Many proud family members were excited to witness this unique ceremonial event and to give thanks for all the individuals who have enhanced the Province of Manitoba. In the words of the Governor General of Canada: “In granting you this honour, I thank you for your dedicated service to your peers, to your community and to Canada. The contributions you have made to our
nation are most commendable and deserve our
praise and admiration.”
Yes, it’s true! Your pastor was nominated for this special
Service Medal and I truly feel humbled to be so honoured…
Many of you will have chosen to enjoy the veritable feast that our UCWL
have prepared for you today – our famous Annual Fall Supper. This is also a great Fund-raiser for our ladies. The K of C. Dinner and Draw on Nov. 17th is a special fund-raising event to support and to enjoy! Both organizations welcome new members!!!
Next Sunday during the 11 am Liturgy, we will commemorate
Remembrance Day – for all who died in defense of freedom and peace.
Please be prepared to participate this important date that will be hosted
by our Brother Knights. Do have a wonderful, peaceful and loveful day!

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