Message From The Pastor – November 18, 2012

Dear Beloved Parishioners,

As you read this, Father John and I will be in Lviv joining our Redemptorist fathers as they commence the 100th anniversary celebration of their existence.  We Ukr. CSsR’ers officially began as a Province here in Canada in 1906 and happily, spread to Ukraine.  In short time, many young Redemptorists came to assist us here and for this we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

We both also have mixed feelings of being in Ukraine because we cannot be here to celebrate the life of our beloved +Bishop Michael Hrynchyshy, called to the Heavnly Kingdom on Nov. 12th, the feast of our Ukrainian martyr St. Josaphat.  We all knew and loved Bishop Michael as a pastor of St. Joseph’s, as our Provincial Superior for 9 years, as a dedicated priest for 60 years and as Bishop of France for 29.  We proudly acknowledge that through his colossal and persistent efforts, 26 Ukrainian martyrs were pronounced “Blessed” by Pope John Paul II in 2001.  Our Blessed Vasyl who resides with us in our Holy Shrine is a prime example of Bishop Michael’s work.

The Bishops of France, Ukraine and Europe wish to honour him at his Cathedral in Paris Sat. Nov. 17th and we, in turn, will have the privilege to pray and mourn the loss of our most decorated confrere here at St. Joseph’s on Nov. 23 at 10:00 am.  Please come, in loyalty and in love, to prayerfully create a ‘royal send-off’ into his heavenly reward for excellent sacerdotal service much beyond the call of duty.

And yet life goes on…Tempus Fugit.  Time Flies.  We continue here on Earth to share our talents, our time and our treasures in the service of the Lord.  Yes, let’s do it!

On a parish level, we happily remain here to enjoy the limited time we have on earth!  To enhance our parish family, our various organizations gather together, not only for sad occasions, but especially to prepare for the celebration of the Birth of Jesus, the Son Of God.  We therefore strive to bring happiness, joy, love and peace to one another with our Christmas ‘parties’ where we encourage one another to remember “the reason for the season” is the Birth of Jesus who came to show us how to live, to share and to love those who are not as blessed as we are.  Let this be our focus this Christmas season.

PS – Our Men’s Club continue with their generous gifts to the Parish well-being.  Now they are funding all new folding tables for our church centre.  And we, in turn, are almost freely offering you the present practical tables for a mere $15.00.  Phone the rectory and place your name on the list for 3 tables or less – already some 22 tables are reserved.  Hurry!  Such a deal comes not too often!  even I’m tempted to buy some!!

Wishing you a wonderful advent preparation for the joy and the love of Christmas!!  Pray for me and all of us!

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