Message From The Pastor – March 17, 2013

Dear Beloved Parishioners and Guests,

Good intentions – who among us does not have them?

We intend to do better tomorrow, or next month, or at least sometime in the future.  In our dreams, we reach, if not  fantastic goals, then at least, realistic ones.  But what good are dreams and good intentions, if we are not     making any personal effort to have them come true?

Life has a way of “passing by” very quickly.  Months fly by, as do years.When you come right down to it, we don’t really have very much time here on earth. Do you want to wake up one day to find that you have run “out of time”?  That most  of what you had the “best intentions” of doing will never happen, because you never really   tried to make it real…  And I am not speaking of intending to buy bigger and better things, intending to gain more influential positions, or intending to attain more power.     I am alluding to your “spiritual intentions” – your relationship with God!

What if, for whatever reason, you had to interrupt everything that seems so       very important at the moment and had to accept the fact, that this is the end of your earthly journey?  I assure you, that God will not ask you what you “intended to do”. Instead, He will take a close look at what you have done!  Are you ready to meet       your Maker and account for how you have spent your life on earth?

Do you have “good intentions” to start every day with prayer?  Do you have “good intentions” to put aside some time every day to spend time in  contemplation?  Do you have “good intentions” to attend more church services?  Do you have “good intentions” to donate your money to charitable causes?  Do you have “good intentions” to be thoughtful and generous and kind? Do you have “good intentions”  to call on those, who are in need of a kind word and deed?  Or are you too busy…too distracted… or maybe even too lazy?

Intentions are not enough! Get up and DO something about the things that you know need to be done!  Not all at once, but one at a time.  Just as if you were learning  to walk, take one step at a time. Change your priorities and become an good example  to others!  Yes, this may require some courage and sacrifice, but that is the difference between having “good intentions” and actually doing something about them.    Remember that we are not here on earth simply for our own gratification, but that we are meant to learn and create ways to come closer to God. If we truly hope to share eternity with God, we cannot and must not allow Him to be a stranger in our lives. Be a true follower of Christ and your life will change – much for the better!

Do not postpone the essence of life until tomorrow.  Pray today – NOW and    ask God to help you, to guide you and to show you how to make your “good intentions” be not only “good intentions” but also                                                            a healthy and positive reality here and now…

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