May 27, 2012

Dear Beloved of St. Joseph’s,

“Pentecost Sunday” traditionally has been regarded as

the birthday of Holy Mother Church – for from this day forth,

the Apostles, having been filled and “fired up” by the Holy

Spirit, began to preach the Good News that Jesus Christ, the

Son of God, has granted us salvation.

The Holy Spirit gifted them with courage and faith and intense desire to share this faith with others. They boldly began to preach and to invite everyone to believe and be baptized and to pass on the Word of God… let us also live our faith more fully and witness more generously!

Our beautiful prayerful tradition of visiting the cemetery to commemorate our deceased +loved ones at Pentecost time has already begun. This Sat. morning we sang our memorial service – panahyda – at the gravesites at Glen Eden and this afternoon

at Holy Family cemeteries and next Sunday, June 3rd we will gladly pray at All Saints. Our grandparents and parents meaningfully kept this Ukrainian tradition and truly we, in turn, should not let this prayerful practice die with us –do pray for your +loved ones!

As you read in this bulletin, the MB K of C are sponsoring the donation of wheelchairs for the handicapped in Ukraine. We hope to deliver 100’s of chairs to the needy and we encourage our parishioners to sponsor an individual wheelchair for $150.00. The Knights will take care of the shipping, etc. We happily will receive your donation in the parish office and pass it on to the K of C. organization.

Did you know that we presently have some 20 parishioners who are taking advantage of the Seniors Tower next door? They are all quite happy to retire in this wonderful handy building – just in one block is our Church and hall, the IGA, the post office, the Bargain store, the hairdresser, and even the “spirited store”. Practical, yes!

We sincerely are encouraging our parishioners to place their names on the waiting list for future vacancy. You may not be ready at this time, but possibly in the next few years… at least, you have a possibility with your name on the list. Do consider this seriously. We all have to face the reality – even I am getting much older!! Phone us and we will happily give you “Barbara” of Astroid Agency’s phone number. Do it now! How good it would be if soon many in the apartments were St. Joe’s parishioners!

Soon we will have an opportunity to enjoy our year-end organization celebrations – a time of appreciation and gratitude before the summer break!

Wishing all of you a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Keep God and St. Joe’s an important part of your plans! Father bohdan


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