Bethlehem Flame Of Peace

bethlehem-flame-of-peaceThe Bethlehem Flame of Peace is the fire that constantly burns in Bethlehem in the manger where

Jesus was born. The light of this fire symbolizes warmth, peace, harmony, tranquility and love
toward all the people of the world.

Plast, Ukraine’s Scouts have been bringing the Flame of Peace to Churches all over the world for
almost 20 years.

Our parishioners Andriy and Oksana Michalchyshyn members of Plast delivered the Flame of Peace
during Liturgy to St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church. The Scouts bring this flame in various
ways – trains, cars, and by bike to churches, government institutions, schools,
children’s day cares, old age homes and hospitals so that every person, particularly those who are
far away from their homes can feel the warmth of the Bethlehem Star.
From its very beginnings this project was meant to support handicapped children and everyone who
needs help and attention at Christmas.

Now that the Bethlehem Flame resides at St. Joseph’s we encourage you to purchase a
5 day candle, light it from the Bethlehem candle on the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary then have
it peacefully burn in your home during your Christmas Celebrations!

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